Rahne Alexander

Rahne Alexander is a trans woman artist and musician from Baltimore. She is a solitary practitioner and tarot reader, and her witchcraft practice and her medical transition are fully intertwined. She's often said that it was easier for her to come out and find community as a trans lesbian than it was to come out as a witch, and she seeks to help change that narrative.

Rahne is offering:

Listen Up, Trans Witches 

An exercise in speaking powerful truths, this session is intended to provide space for trans and non-binary witches to share our stories of surviving in the interstices, of developing our practices while navigating gender and sexual identities in the “real” world. Where do we belong? How do we find our way to that place? Guided by a timer, each speaker may relate a story of exploration and magic. In the spirit of open exchange, this session is designed to be open to all who would like to listen, although we request that only trans and non-binary people speak during the session. 


Linnet “La FUERZA” Caban: Old School Bruja

Linnet is a Spiritual Intuitive, Psychic Medium, Healing Touch Practitioner, Oracle, and Master Healer. Coming from a long line of oracles and healers, Linnet has been aware of her gift since the age of four. By the time she was nine, Linnet was reading fire, tarot cards, and Spirit Boards for her friends. Linnet has studied different denominations of spirituality throughout her life.

Her expertise is in energy medicine, divination, spells, mediumship, meditation, past life regression therapy and teaching large and small groups about spirituality. She travels the world providing workshops and various spiritual services that transform lives. Her practice is infused with healing practices passed down through generations along with unconventional healing techniques.

Linnet is highly sought out mostly due to her different approach to healing. She believes we all have the power to heal ourselves and we all have magic inside of us.

Linnet is offering:

My Demons are my Friends

Embrace your dark side with Old School Bruja! Learn about light vs dark, gods & goddesses and how we can embrace our darkness for spiritual elevation. This class will teach chants for subjugation, focused on the law of attraction.

Christina Cook.jpg

Christina Cook

Christina Cook is a Qigong instructor, resin artist/ Orgonite designer and a student of the djembe (african drum). In 2014 Christina founded Rhythm Key, a Baltimore- based weekly workshop series that uses music and movement as tools of expression, communication and healing. These gatherings focus on individuals living with Autism, ADHD, PTSD, sensory/ communication challenges and neurological differences. Dedicated to sharing knowledge of the healing arts, Christina hosts all inclusive and often family centered workshops throughout Maryland.

Christina is offering:

Crystals and Qigong: Setting Intentions with Visualization and Movement

In this workshop, we will discuss crystals for the season and how to set intentions using crystals, orgonite grids, making crystal elixirs/essences and more! We will also be guided through a moving meditation, as we connect healing breath, restorative and gentle movement, and positive visualization. The space will be amplified by using crystals, orgonite, palo santo and other healing tools discussed. Bringing a journal is recommended. All ages all abilities are welcome.

IMG_5374 (1).JPG

Clare & Amanda

Clare is a radically domestic witch who uses practical magic and the Principles of Unity to raise her fae child. A natural edge tender, you will find her dancing around the circle, keeping the container strong for the energy rising within. She is a priestess of self-care, devoted to working softly and lovingly through personal and intergenerational healing. Her most powerfully gentle restorations have occurred while being vulnerable in shared sacred space.

A naturalist by profession and a Reclaiming witch by vocation, she honors the power of words and names, and has made it her business to know the weeds and bees of our backyards. Clare is twice blessed to be recognized as a trusted steward by her scientific and spiritual communities.

Amanda is a nature-obsessed city witch and animist. She brings a sense of play to her work at the altar and in the world. She is eager to share a witchcraft that is queer, accessible, applicable to everyday life, and relationship-based. 

A witch for over 20 years, Amanda has been working with Baltimore Reclaiming for five years. Her experience includes the initiatory path of Wicca, meditation facilitation training with Yama Studio in Baltimore, solitary work, and studying permaculture, magic, and activism at Earth Activist Training with Starhawk.

Amanda speaks the language of tarot, wakes up in the middle of the night to write, and loves to sing harmony. She revels in the life-changing magic of community. 

Clare & Amanda are offering:

Sharing Abundance through the Magic of Kitchen Witchery

In this ritual, we will activate and share the magic of abundance using the power of herbs and spices to kindle our witch's will. Together, we will concoct a batch of wealth-drawing spell that each attendee is invited to take home for use in their personal work. 

This ritual will include a brief introduction to kitchen witchery and is suitable for witches and non-witches of any experience level. Together as a group, we will pinch, pour, and stir to empower the spell. 

This ritual is accessible to any level of physical ability. This crafting is mindful of sugar and gluten allergies, and does not use animal products. No special materials are required. Ritual attire is not necessary. Come as you are!



Critter is a witch, writer, artist, and forest monster. Their magical work in the world is that of protection and re-creation for compassionate and accessible magic, ritual, and play. Liminal and mutable, this creative being can often be found neck deep in research to deepen their craft and their understanding of magic. Unafraid, they boldly challenge and question, and crave deep discussion and open, loving conversation. 

Critter will be offering:

Saints: A Pagan Perspective

Saints are something many witches have assumed are strictly part of Catholic or Afro-syncretic practices. However, a short investigation into the historical and cultural nature of Saints reveals that this old form of ancestor veneration fits into a broad interfaith perspective, including polytheism. While the explanation is useful, the examples are even more fun.

Kees, David Dashifen.jpg

David Dashifen Kees

By day, Dash is a mild-mannered computer programmer attending the Iliff School of Theology working to earn an MDiv. By night, he's pretty much the same thing except asleep. They've been bopping around the eastern third of the continent involved in various Pagan projects for the last 21 years, but they no reside in Alexandria, VA and are an initiate of the Firefly House in Washington DC.

Dash is offering:

Sigils: History and Craft

Sigils are a hot topic these days, and they've been a core part of Dash's magical practice for years. If you've always wondered how they're constructed and a bit about where they've come from, this is the event for you. Dash will discuss a bit of the history of sigils before they share three ways that they construct them. After the lecture portion of the event, you will have the chance to practice sigil crafting on your own, and if you're willing, share your work with other attendees. When you leave, you'll have all the knowledge you need to include sigils in your own practice when they fit your work.



Shannon Davis & Aimee Olivera Sanchez

Shannon was raised Catholic and began exploring witchcraft and pagan spirituality 16 years ago. Her practice waxed and waned during that time, but blossomed again when she became a member of Baltimore Reclaiming in 2017. A self-described kitchen witch, she loves making herbal charms, burning candles, reading Tarot, and holding space for others doing the hard work of parenting. She is the adoptive mother of a spirited, nature-loving 5-year-old who inspires her every day with his own innate magic.

Aimee spent many years as a solitary, self-taught Pagan before connecting to Baltimore Reclaiming in 2017. Prior to moving to Maryland she was a member of a Pagan Parenting Meet-up Group in Washington State and a Unitarian Universalist group of parents who occasionally dabbled in Pagan activities with their kiddos. Currently she raises her 9- and 7-year-old Witchlets in a blend of UU, Reclaiming, and eclectic Pagan traditions while also trying to educate them about a variety of world religions.

Shannon & Aimee are offering:

Parenting While Pagan

A facilitated discussion about raising children in Pagan traditions. In this workshop, the facilitators will share their own experiences and introduce topics for discussion. Some likely topics will include how to resolve the tension between children's exposure to and desire to participate in dominant religious activities (i.e., Christmas and Easter), how to "reclaim" traditional Pagan practices from how they have been co-opted by secular interests (Halloween!), and the challenges of co-parenting with a non-Pagan partner. We may also discuss the pros and cons of practicing Paganism with children as part of a community and explore some age-appropriate activities and resources for parents.



Jessica Dreamer

Jessica is a Witch born alongside Maryland’s coastal bays who now calls Baltimore City home. Her witchcraft is born of the land, a natural product of relationships with the spirits and beings of place. As a member of the Reclaiming tradition she tends community as an organizer and teacher. She teaches locally and at Reclaiming “Witchcamps” in the US and abroad.

Jessica is offering:

Beauty in the Breakdown: a Ritual with Aphrodite

All around us are systems in breakdown; environmental, political, social. Amid all that, it’s tempting to shut down, to let overwhelm guide us into numbness, to become armored and hard. In this ritual, we will call on the healing power of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, to help us keep our hearts open, wild, soft - and safe. Through devotion, spellwork, and trance we will step through fear into love. Please bring an offering for Aphrodite for this ritual ( a shell, blossom, fruit, herbs, ribbon, poem - anything natural or biodegradable).


Mary England (2).jpg

Mary England

Mary is a self-proclaimed Merriment Maker who believes her main mission on this planet is to make other people feel happy and empowered. She does this through the teachings of self-love, body positivity, and creativity. She is a huge advocate for mental health, with a strong background in psychology, and approaches her self-love and coaching from this angle because of its importance that often goes overlooked. Mary has been connected to things bigger than her since she was a little girl and realized she could see auras. Today, she uses magic as a tool for self-care, social justice, and connecting to others.

Mary is offerning:

Self-Love Now: Fall in Love with your Body!

This ritual is perfect for any eclectic witch ready to ground your physical body and create a tangible connection with the ultimate tool that allows you to create all the beauty in your world. You will start to appreciate your body, flaws and all, and and be ready to demonstrate that appreciation to your physical being.


Leo Evangelista & India Hogan

Leo (he/they) is a genderqueer transmasculine person who's been a practicing heathen since 2015. Leo was drawn to heathenry because of the emphasis on community and hospitality, and because of the rich gender nonconformity in the lore. He is a member of Distelfink Sippschaft, a kindred based on Pennsylvania German Heathenry. Leo also lives with a little black cat named Boots, who showed up during a full moon.

India is a Heathen of six years and a member of the Troth as of Oct. 2018. India’s work for inclusive Heathenry has included closed captioning for Heathens Against Hate, blogging, and individual education efforts. India’s long-term goal is to serve the religious needs of incarcerated Heathens through the Troth’s In-Reach Program.

Leo & India are presenting:

Season of Transitions: A Heathen Spring Celebration of Trans Empowerment

Join us for this Heathen ritual done in the style of a Blót/Sege. This ritual will primarily focus on the Norse and Urglaawe deities, but we welcome all attendees and participants to honor the gods or higher powers that are relevant to them. This ritual is intended to accommodate people of other faiths, and people totally unfamiliar with Heathenry. Please bring offerings.
The purpose of this ritual is threefold:
To create space for transgender Heathens, pagans, polytheists, curious seekers and their allies to worship together,
To promote inclusive Heathenry and empower trans people, Heathens, and allies in our shared work against hatred,
To invite feedback from the trans community regarding how Heathenry can be made more welcoming, and to address concerns and answer questions that people may have.

Richael Faithful.jpg

Richael Faithful

Richael (they/them) is a Black gender-blessed new conjurer who has rooted their majik in the African diasporic tradition of the U.S. South. Their practice of folk healing reclaims Black shamanism and reinvents old ways for spirit work in our emerging paradigm. Richael's center of power are ancestral communication, trans-generation cycle-breaking, dimensional energy channeling, and new visioning. As a healer with politics, they are deeply invested in nurturing the soul of movements--from individual beings to ecosystems.

Richael is offering:

The Art of Low Ceremony

This presentation will share about the power of "low ceremony," or the creative ways we do and experience informal ritual. Inspired by spirits of enslaved Africans in the US, we'll explore the meaning of ceremony when materiality is limited. At the end, as a group, we'll create and engage in ceremony together.


Michael M. Hughes

Michael is an author, speaker, magical thinker, and activist. He is the creator of the internationally viral "Spell to Bind Donald Trump and All Those Who Abet Him," the largest ongoing magical working in history. He regularly speaks and teaches on magic, psychedelics, the paranormal, and tarot. His latest book is Magic for the Resistance: Rituals and Spells for Change (Llewellyn, 2018).

Michael is offering:

Witches Fight Back: Magic as Resistance

This workshop looks at the fascinating history of magical resistance, from historical accounts of European witchcraft, African American Vodou and Conjure in resistance to slavers, witches and occultists vs Nazis, through the turbulent 60s and to the present renaissance of magic resistance in the era of Trumpism (with the inside story of the viral Spell to Bind Donald Trump and All Those Who Abet Him). We’ll view some powerful images, explore hidden stories and legends, and end with a ritual from Magic for the Resistance: Rituals and Spells for Change.


Katrina Messenger

Katrina is a poet, priestess, warrior and witch. She is a full time Wiccan mystic and an ordained minister. In 1999 she inaugurated a magical working called Connect DC, to reconnect and heal the city of Washington, DC. In 2004 after retiring from her career as a researcher, internet architect, and technologist, she opened the Reflections Mystery School in order to offer a structured apprenticeship program plus continue to offer quality magickal instruction to the Washington Metro area and to the entire Mid-Atlantic region. And now as the elder of her religious order, she offer classes, rituals, spiritual direction, and mentorship to her many students, clients, and colleagues.

Katrina is also a Washington, DC native with over fifty years of experience as a grassroots activist, and community leader. She has taken on leadership roles in almost every group she has joined, including her election to the state presidency of Maryland NOW and later when she served eighteen months as the acting minister for the Sojourner Truth Congregation of Unitarian Universalists.

Katrina has studied mythology, esoteric sciences, and human development for over thirty years. She is the author of Elemental Psychology: Using Jungian Psychology and the Sacred Elements for Spiritual Development, Descent: A Journey for Women, and Dark Beauty. She has published articles in the Reclaiming Quarterly, contributed to the highly successful Twelve Wild Swans, and taught at Reclaiming witch camps from 1997 to 2003. She is an elder in her community and a recognized leader and teacher worldwide.

Katrina will be offering a special two-hour workshop for attendees:

The Crossroads of Faith: Respectful Blending of Spiritual Traditions and Paths

How do we honor our ancestral, familial, inspired and adopted teachings in ways that are respectful, while also integrating these varied practices and paths into a cohesive spiritual life?  In this workshop, you will learn techniques and guidelines that can be used to evaluate your intentions so you can move with confidence at the crossroads of faith. As part of this exploration, we will go on a trance journey to connect with the spiritual lineage of our ancestors.


Mary Shock

Mary is a Tarot reader, Reiki practitioner and artist. Mary’s Tarot mission is to open space for healing and enlighten each individual’s soul path. Mary has been reading Tarot professionally since 2011. She published her original creation, The Summer Tarot Deck, in February 2017. She has taught Tarot classes in Maryland, California and Michigan. She hosts the monthly meetup BMore Tarot Club.

Mary is offering:

A Deep Dive into The Hanged One: Exploring Tarot's 12th Arcanum

If Tarot shows us a path toward greater harmony and alignment with our highest self, what role does The Hanged One play in this journey? The Hanged One or The Hanged Man is one of those super esoteric and super confusing Tarot cards. And maybe you’ve read about how The Hanged One is a sign to just let go … Ok, so now what?

In this workshop you will learn what The Hanged One is really all about. We will discuss some traditional Tarot interpretations and historical context. Then we will explore how to discover what this card means to you. We will explore how to make sense of a Tarot card so that your personal interpretation sticks with you and influences your future readings. We will explore how to bring the Hanged One into your body, mind, spirit, and life.

image1 (2).jpeg

Frankie Rose

Frankie is an animist witch who teaches at the intersections of nature, society, and self. She is a writer, maker, and artist living in Baltimore who daylights as a mental health clinician and case worker. Her background in theories of the human psyche and social equity partner with her spiritual path as a modern animist for an integrated approach towards wholeness. Frankie is currently focusing on work around self-development, animal teachings, and the links between race, ancestral healing, and nature.

Frankie is offering:

Animal Allies: Demystifying Wild Teachings 

Wild animals draw our attention and our hearts not only because they are inherently wonderful, but because they are our relatives. They mirror our own wildness to us, which is an element of humanness that we’ve mostly lost touch with in our modern times. This 55-minute workshop will focus on ways to connect with and learn the teachings of our wildlife kin without the need for Google or reference books (although those are wonderful tools!). We’ll explore some basic concepts that include the elements, metaphor, oracle cards, and our own beautiful instinctual abilities - no matter where we are in our spiritual journeys. .


Molly Szpara & Eric Wilson

Molly Szpara is a certified yoga instructor, creative writer, and leader of Baltimore Drum Church. She believes that we all possess Divine Consciousness, and loves to explore it. Eric Willison is a founder of Baltimore Drum Church, shamanic journeyer and author of “The Shamanic Journey to Immortality.”

Molly & Eric will offer:

Drum Church

This is a live, group drum meditation experience. We use the drum to connect with the Divine Spirit within us all. You may BYOD (bring your own drum) or we will have many drums and percussion instruments to share. There is no drumming or musical experience required to participate in this immersive meditation experience. All ages are welcome.

Sally Luella Walker.jpg

Sally Walker

Sally is an herbalist and meditation teacher who is driven by a desire to ignite the curiosity of the natural world in others. She believes all healing begins with the self and that healing our connection to the earth is essential. She creates a warm and welcoming circle for participants to explore new ways of seeing and moving through the world. She is an empath, a connector, a bridge, and a channel. Her journey through the herbal world has been focused on experiential learning and moving from intuitive knowing. She has studied with many herbalists, including Rosemary Gladstar and Asia Suler and attended many workshops on intuitive development, meditation, crystals, ancestral healing, past life regression, and other types of journeying.

Sally is offering:

Herbal Magic for Protection, Dreaming, and Deliciousness

Participants will each create a small sachet (dream pillow or talisman) containing a self-selected blend of herbs known for dreaming, protection, and smelling delicious. Workshop will begin with a 5-minute grounding and centering meditation followed by a discussion of a few herbs known for dreaming (mugwort, yarrow, passionflower, rosemary, and lemon balm), protection (yarrow, sage, mugwort, and rosemary), and smelling delicious (rose, chamomile, lavender, and mints) and their physical, metaphysical, and spiritual properties as well as which crystals help to boost the intention (such as a clear quartz infused with a specific intention and added to the mix). Discussion of symbols that can be drawn on the sachet to increase the power of the dream pillow or talisman. Additional discussion on other ways to protect your energetic self and home and work spaces using herbs, crystals, and intention as time allows.

Amy Young.jpg

Amy Young

Amy Young discovered Sacred Circle Dance in 2008 and found in this moving meditation a deepening of her spiritual connection. Amy has studied with Dance Anthropologist Laura Shannon, and other well-known teachers in the Sacred Circle Dance community. In 2013, she received her Certificate of Completion in Learning to Lead Sacred Dance from the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland, the official archives of modern Sacred Circle Dance. Amy is an Usui Reiki Master, a Shamanic practitioner in the Peruvian tradition, and an ordained priestess of the Order of Melchizedek under the Sanctuary of the Beloved church. She also performs crystal alchemy bowl concerts to facilitate meditation and relaxation.

Amy will offer:

Sacred Circle Dance

Sacred Circle Dance is a moving meditation based on traditional folk dances from around the world. Come enjoy the the experience of dancing mindfully in a community of cooperation, emotional support, and acceptance. The "Sacred" in Sacred Circle Dance is non-denominational, referring to the spark of sacredness within each dancer and in the energy we create together through dancing. People who have experienced this form of dance often report feeling calm, balanced, and peaceful as a result. Suitable for all skill levels, each dance is easily learned. As the name suggests, the dances are danced in a circle or a line (open circle), so dancers need not bring a partner. All are welcome in the circle. Our motto is "There are no mistakes, only variations."