Q. What will this festival be like?

A. This is a very intimate, casual, special mini-festival with a punk ethos (non-corporate, non-hierarchical, inclusive, etc). it is being organized by a small group of unpaid volunteers who are doing it to fundraise money for their community of Baltimore Reclaiming. There will be only 100 people in attendance. Instead of a sterile hotel conference room, we are holding this festival at Homewood Friends Meeting House. This is a beloved venue where we hold all our regular rituals and have our community meetings and classes.

Q. When do tickets go on sale?

A. Tickets are sold out. We sold tickets in two waves. Priority registration, for trans, nonbinary, and BIPOC as well as existing members of our community went on sale Feb 16th. Then, general on-sale occurred on March 1st.

Q. Tell me about ticket options

A. We will sell two tiers of tickets:

  • $10 Limited Access Ticket - This ticket allows access to our curated vendors as well as one of the workshop spaces. You will get to enjoy 5 hours of programming from regional teachers. This could be a great option for someone who can’t attend the whole day and just wants to get a little taste.

  • $35-$75 Sliding Scale All Access Ticket - This ticket gives the bearer access to all four rooms of programming, which include your choice of 19 unique workshop offerings throughout the day. You will also have access to our curated vendor space.


Q. Tell me about the venue

A. Baltimore Witchfest is being held at Homewood Friends Meeting House, the home of a Quaker community in Charles Village. The Baltimore Reclaiming community has done many rituals and events here, and loves partnering with Homewood as their commitment to social justice and a spiritual activism dovetails with our own.

Room capacity varies at the meeting house. Some of the workshops will be able to hold quite large groups while others will be limited in capacity. We will have volunteers at each room who will determine when a room is filled to capacity and we thank you in advance for your understanding if you aren’t able to get into a workshop because it is at capacity. Luckily. there are multiple amazing offerings every hour!

A word about seating: The rooms vary in what they offer in terms of seating. People who are able may be asked to take seats on the floor during some workshops. Some floor cushions may be available. If you require a chair to be available to you throughout the day because of accessibility issues, please identity yourself to the volunteer working that room (they will be clearly marked). Otherwise, if you want to ensure your own comfort please feel free to bring a cushion or a portable chair. We ask that if you bring a camp chair to bring one of the smaller models, not the deluxe versions with footrests. Space is at a premium.


Q. How will the Day be Organized?

A. You will be welcomed to arrive, register and enjoy our vendors beginning at 10:00 am. We will have a brief opening ceremony to establish sacred space at 10:30. At 11 am, workshops will begin. Each workshop will be 50-55 minutes with 5 minutes in-between to move to the next workshop. We will have workshops at 11, Noon, 2 pm, 3 pm, and 4 pm. There will be a choice of 4 different workshops each hour. There will be a break from 1-2 during which we invite you to visit our vendors, grab lunch, hang out with all your new besties, and rest. The workshops will all by over by 5 o’oclock at which time we invite you to return to the main hall for more socializing and time with our vendors until six o’clock. We will have a closing ritual at 5:30 pm.

Q. Is Baltimore Witchfest Accessible?

A. Yes! The building is wheelchair accessible via a ramp at the front door. There is an elevator to get to the second floor. There is an accessible bathroom on the first floor. Please be in touch with any other accessibility questions you have. We are super-eager to help make this event accessible for anyone who has accessibility needs.

All of the bathrooms at the venue are all-gender bathrooms.

Q. What do I need to know to be comfortable?

A. Seating is limited at the venue and options will be varied. Those who are able will be asked to take floor seats

Q. Is this event child friendly?

A. Yes. All children under 3 may attend without a ticket. Children 3 and over must have a ticket.

Q. Can I bring food?

A. You are welcome to brown-bag your lunch rather than visit local places for lunch, or bring snacks if you need them. However please be advised that food is NOT permitted to be eaten inside the venue, and we request that in terms of beverages you only bring water bottles.

Q. Can I still apply to vend or present?

A. Applications to vend or present closed on February 1st and we are not considering any more applications.

Q. I cannot afford to attend. is there help for me?

A. We have set aside some tickets for scholarships. Please email baltimorewitchfest@gmail.com to inquire. Please know we expect these to go quite quickly!

Q. I’m from the media and want to cover your event. can I have a press pass?

A. We are not making press passes available. Out of respect for our attendees and privacy concerns, this event is not open to the press.