Baltimore Witchfest

Acknowledgement of Indigenous People


Let us acknowledge the Piscataway people, on whose traditional territory our gathering will be held. We acknowledge their leaders, past, present, and emerging. In 2012, Maryland recognized both the Piscataway Indian Nation and the Piscataway Conoy Tribe as Indian groups under a process established by the General Assembly. We encourage you to visit their website of the Piscataway Conoy Tribe and learn about the history of this tribe. These tribes are still not federally recognized.

We also acknowledge the Susquehannok people, who by many accounts were in relationship with this land as well.


What is Baltimore Witchfest?

Baltimore Witchfest is a one-day celebration of all things magical. It is a small, intimate festival where you will enjoy 5 hours of unique programming from 19 regional witches, healers, priestesses, and artists. It is a fundraiser for the Baltimore Reclaiming Community, as they work to raise money to send members of their community to the 2019 Dandelion Gathering in Petaluma, CA. It is a chance to build community in our city, and come together in celebration of our shared practices, interests, and passions.

Baltimore Witchfest will take place on April 6th, 2019. You can learn more about this event at our FAQ page.



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presenters & workshops

19 presenters will be offering 20 hours of programming during the Witchfest. From rituals, to workshops, to facilitated discussions, these amazing people are bringing you a diverse array of offerings to expand and deepen your magical practice.





We have curated a selection of artistans to create a magical marketplace to delight you. Our vendors are regional artists who work in mediums such as leather, glass, crystals, textile, and print to produce delightful creations. They will sell wares among a wide range of price points, so everyone should be able to find something wonderful to take home.